Master Nonverbal Strategy Analysis

Training specifications

From basic to master


€5250,00 ex VAT

As a certified Master Nonverbal Strategy Analysis you are allowed use the INSA-method commercially as a license-holder, backed by INSA’s quality monitoring. You will also be eligible to get involved in INSA’s own commercial activities.

It is possible to follow this program in modules, by first following  all training mentioned below and then complete the program with the other elements.

What will you learn?

  • Insight in the meaning of nonverbal communication for the behavioral repertoire you can expect people to show;
  • Immediate recognition of moments of specific tension with others;
  • Insight in one’s own nonverbal presentation and the impact it generates with others;
  • Knowledge of specific stress factors for specific people; insight in the right approach to effectively reduce tension and stress with specific people;
  • Quick and deep insight in team dynamics. Insight in specific points of interest for team development given the team goals and context.
  • Ability to integrate nonverbal strategy analysis on to one’s own professional know-how and use it as an effective instrument (in f.e. job selection, conflict prevention and resolution, negotiation, managing teams, personal coaching, consulting, communication training and personal effectiveness training).

The INSA-method is refined and requires the ability to observe both meticulously and quickly. The quality of the analysis determines whether the application for the customer is correct, useful and accepted. This concept requires both a high skill level and strong professional ethics.

In the program described below we aim to create safeguards for this purpose. Therefore, some elements in the course are variable.  The variables depend on the expertise, skills and self-reflection skills of the professional who wants to attain certification. Quality will always be the primary consideration.

The course contains  basic elements knowledge and insight, self-reflection and practical skills.


Intake interview and status interview

Before you start the program or – if you follow the program in modules – during the program we will have a conversation with you to talk about your ambitions and learning process. Because INSA also works in the domain of security, matters of integrity may also be a part of this conversation. It is thus also a form of screening to safeguard the quality and integrity of our license-holders. This conversation will take place ultimately before you enter the final phase of the program.  

Knowledge and insight

  • Knowledge of and insight in the relevant theory and application of nonverbal strategy analysis is gained primarily from the trainings From Sharp Insight a Accurate Actions and Managing and Facilitating Processes with the INSA Method.
  • In all training, the participant will acquire the analytical and interactive skills to work with the INSA-method and the ability to apply the analysis into a tailor-made practical approach. Of course, general skills are also important to be able to use the INSA concept effectively in one’s own professional domain. When you use the INSA method, you have to be able to provide your customers with adequate nonverbal strategy analyses, training and coaching skills.  You must be able to reflect on your own strategies before you coach or train others. The quality of the execution of the INSA-method is very important, given the potentially high impact on people. The training Self Reflection  and Conversational Skills provides you with a sound basis. Also, individual coachingby one of hour INSA coaches might be neccesary or a voltuntary option during this trainingplan.


Certification and  license

To show your theoretical proficiency you will be required to produce a paper, linking the INSA-method to relevant literature (3 books) and a subject of your choosing. This happens after you have followed all training. Finally, you will participate in an examination of your analytical skills and the understanding of the (interactive) behavior of the strategy types.

With the certificate you receive the license to use the INSA-method in your commercial activities.

To maintain the license, you are required to attend the yearly license-holders day, to stay current on the most recent developments in the method and applications. INSA will keep you posted on any new developments. INSA will also provide you with the most recent version of the basic training material.  


If you enlist for the whole program at once the cost is €5250,00 excl. VAT. If you choose to follow the program in modules the price is €5750,00 exc. VAT. If you need more hours of supervision, exercise and/or coaching sessions the cost may be higher. This will always be communicated timely.

The cost of maintaining your license is € 500,00 excl. VAT (with potential indexation to general price developments).

General Conditions

Certification as license-holder is always personal; a license cannot be transferred to another person. Together with the license there is a license agreement containing all relevant rights and duties.