Training Profiling and Riskmanagement

Training specifications

Spring 2019
2 days, 5 day parts
Basic (INSA-method)


€895,00 ex VAT
With this training you can learn the INSA-method to be able to anticipate on potential risks and monitor them afterwards. This is especially important when you as an HR-professional or  manager are (co)responsible for the selection or appointment of people in a sensitive position in your organization,

If your work in law enforcement, you can also learn our method to assess and predict the behavior of suspects and convicts. With additional interview techniques you can learn to detect tension and recognize motive and intent. This training will be adjusted to fit your goals.

With this training and the innovative, research based INSA-method  you will be able to deal effectively with your interaction partner(s). And at a very early stage in the situation. You will find that you are less inclined to judge others, so that you will gather more information.

Target audience

HR-professionals, managers, team leaders and recruiters who play their role in the selection and/or management of employee in sensitive positions, or in positions where the fit with the team or the context is essential.


In this training the INSA-method, various proven profiling techniques and relevant practical cases are being interwoven. On the first day, you will learn to recognize patterns of facial micro-movements. And the practical meaning they convey. The theoretical framework is established, in which visual material plays an important role. Your own nonverbal behavior will also be analyzed. You will then be able to see the influence you yourself have on the process.

On the second day, you will get acquainted with the strategy-types, as well as their qualities and pitfalls and risks, associated with those patterns. You will also learn how those patterns influence interpersonal interaction. During both days you will get acquainted with other profiling techniques, both in theory and in the application in practical cases. Specific attention will be brought to the prediction of behavior and relevant risks, for example for your team or organization. You receive a practical checklist to monitor every situation in a planned and structured manner, assessing whether the risks of an employee’s or team member’s behavior increase. You will have opportunity to do exercises with the checklist in combination with practical cases and video material.

Between days 1 and 2 you can put into practice the things you learned on day 1, with the help of video material sent to you.