Profiling & Riskmanagement


INSA consultancy can support you to recognize a person’s motives and intent.  We also consult on adequate reactions to deviant behaviour and integrity issues. When needed, we can help you to make a structured process for riskmanagement.

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PROFILING AND INvestigative interviewing SUPPORT

The INSA method can also be used when working in law enforcement. With our method you can learn to assess and predict the behavior of suspects. You also acquire complementary interview skills to detect tension and recognize motives and intent. 

Professionals in the security domain may also receive support in interviews  (what we used to call interrogations).

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If you are dealing with sensitive information in your company, it is essential to have a clear insight in the people you wish to hire or appoint. The INSA profiling method will serve as an assessment instrument, charting the qualities and risks of a person in the context of your organization or for the specific job. You will obtain a clear picture of the interests and motivations of the person in question. And you will receive advice on how to monitor potential risks.