In negotiations, decision making processes, mergers and take-overs problems easily arise.
Oftentimes this is due to difficulties in the contacts between the players in the process. Or to misconceptions about what motivates the individual players. With the use of the INSA Method and our 35+ years of practical negotiating experience these problems can be prevented or resolved.

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Central to negotiating is the ability to manage various goals, visions or interests, often coupled to differences in power positions. Combined with managing the personal dynamics between yourself and others. In short: it is a balancing act between obtaining a result and maintaining a lasting working relationship.

This intensive and practical training is suitable for professionals with good insights in people and observation skills, having to negotiate frequently in their job. They can upgrade their competences to a higher strategic and professional level.



Negotiating strategically involves anticipating the development of the process, especially resulting from the players’ behaviour. And bringing a precise process management to the table, enabling you to keep an overview and direct the proceedings. In this training you will learn how to understand and influence the other players. You will learn how to prepare for a tailor-made approach based on nonverbal strategy analysis. The masterclass is suitable for experienced negotiators, leaders and top managers who wish to enlarge their competences.


Do you find yourself to be stuck in a complicated or persistent conflict? Nonverbal Strategy Analysis deepens understanding and accelerates the process towards a solution. This is due to more insight into the communicative “undercurrent” between the persons in conflict. We also train mediators to apply the INSA Method.


  • In project teams needing effective cooperation to get results.
  • In teams working under difficult circumstances (complexity, time pressure, big interests) or having problems in working together.
  • In management teams, councils and other “steady” teams requiring to improve their cooperation and results.
  • For team leaders wishing to manage the teamwork more closely.

The Team Navigator® will improve your team, its potential and interactions.

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