INSA Method Training


If you wish to apply nonverbal strategy analysis in your own professional practice you can start with the online practitioner’s training Understanding Nonverbal Dynamics. Consequently you may enroll in the sequel Managing Nonverbal Dynamics in Interaction settings.  In this training you learn how to manage processes between other people. If you wish to enhance your professional competences in influencing others from thorough insight in yourself, the intensive training Self-reflection and Conversational Techniques will be valuable after the practitioners training.

You may also do all three trainings and work towards being certified Master of Nonverbal Strategy Analysis. This will enable you to be licensed to use the INSA Method commercially.

Practitioners training understanding nonverbal dynamics

You learn to anticipate on how people’s behaviour and interaction processes will develop. And you will be able to react accurately to another person’s behaviour. With this training, you will be able to observe others in a different and more objective manner, recognize your own nonverbal impact and act accordingly. With better results as a consequence.

MANAGING Nonverbal Dynamics in Interaction settings

You learn to anticipate on the interaction between others. And also, to manage or facilitate their interaction by precise process management and interventions. For example, in teamwork, decision making processes or conflicts.
For your professional practice you receive a set of interaction charts, showing the nonverbal interaction process, accompanied by specific advice on how to proceed. Indispensable for a thorough preparation.


You receive a professional analysis of your nonverbal impact. It will help you to operate with self-confidence and a “helicopter” view in all types of interactions. Furthermore, you will undergo intensive training in conversational skills, especially under challenging circumstances.


Being certified as Master Nonverbal Strategy Analysis provides you with a licence in the INSA Method. You may market your own trainings, team analyses and other services using the INSA Method and the INSA brand. To become a Master, you have to do all three trainings mentioned above. With a paper you will show us your theoretical proficiency. Ultimately you will have to pass an examination to show your analytical skills.