Erik Groot

After my studies in law I worked in the Dutch Navy and at the Ministry of Defense as a policy officer regarding human resources. In the early 80’s I became acquainted with the domain of labor relations negotiations. In 1990 I started at the General Employers Association (AWVN), first working as a negotiator and consultant for 10 years and then in management and in the board. Since September 2020 I work independently for the public sector and the sector of performing arts. The common thread in my career is leading change-processes and bringing together groups and individuals to reach satisfactory solutions in complex situations. When this becomes really tough I feel the challenge to reach a breakthrough on the basis of a thorough analysis, creativity and stamina.

Over the years I found that working on mutual trust and the realization that behind the content there are always purely human prcocesses ultimately are decisive. When herman asked me to become part of the Board of the INSA Foundation I did not hesitate. With the INSA-Method we can build bridges in a society that is more and more impacted by differences and antagonism.

For more information, please contact me or +31653317600.